Fahrenheit 451 (the temperature at which books burn)

Your door is knocked violently, your name is called loudly and they order to open the door. When you open the door, you see two firefighters. They enter your house and begin to search the house to find your books. When they find the library, they poured the gasoline into the library and make it burn. What would you do?

This is how the world we read in Fahrenheit 451 works. Firefighters aren’t responsible for putting out fires, but starting fires themselves. This is a world that reading book is prohibited.

While reading this book, I hugged my books. I can’t imagine a life without my books. Something would allways be missing. Just like our main character said ” We have everything that we need to be happy. But we are not happy. There is something missing. I am looking around and the only thing that lost around me is the books that I burned.”

This book is an incredible dystopia that books turn into heros.

It is a work that contains sharp criticisms of oppressive systems and censorship. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you to read Fahrenheit 451.